Lemon Condensed Milk Tart

2 Tins Condensed Milk
Cup of pure lemon juice

2 packets Tennis Biscuits for base
4-5 table spoons butter


Pour Condensed Milk into large mixing bowl along with lemon juice. Mix until thick, that you can draw a line in the mixture with spoon.
Crush tennis biscuits in mixing bowl. Melt butter in microwave for 2 minutes or until melted completely, pour into tennis biscuits and mix together.
Put biscuits into oven safe tart dish, and bake at 200 degrees. The tennis biscuits don’t have to be hard, bake for about 10 minutes and be left to cool afterwards.
Pour condensed milk mixture in tart dish, and even out. Add chocolate or topping of your choice to complete the tart. Refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours until serving.

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